Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My New Project

I am working on a book-length project, the purpose of which will be to examine, based on currently available evidence, whether or not AGW can now be stopped.

Among the things to be explored:

If man stopped emitting CO2 today, would atmospheric levels continue to rise? If so, for how long, and to what level?

How much energy is involved in the destruction of the ice sheets? How "kinetic" is the process; in other words, to what extent does it now provide its own energy? The theory here is that once the process is "kick-started" by external forces, it continues on its own.

How much warmer will the planet get based on the above and other factors? Once this level of temperature is reached, how much farther can it go? What would be the consequences of going from the first number to the second number?

My assertion is that AGW is now unstoppable. Today that is a rare view. The purpose of this project is to see how close to an answer we have today, and to determine what sort of research may be needed to answer these questions.

Important policy decisions can only be made well if the information is properly understood. I believe there is a disconnect between the information and the general understanding of that information.

This project will tackle the above as objectively as possible. I will be seeking volunteers to submit ideas and to perform reviews of each item in the project.

Feel free to volunteer for one or both roles.

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